Station Preston Absolute 36 Seatbox Blanc Edition

Station Preston Absolute 36 Seatbox Blanc Edition

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Station Preston Absolute 36 Seatbox Blanc Edition

Building on the success of the Absolute Station, we've added some great new features to further improve the quality of the Absolute Seat Box! The new design is based on a 36mm leg system that offers unparalleled stability while looking at the room. The 36mm legs include low-profile mud feet, which means you can get the box very close to the floor, while the new design also saves weight compared to previous models. The Absolute has many new design features that make the seatbox easier to use. The footplate is secured in place by spring-loaded quick-release pins and can be locked precisely in the open or closed position, ensuring that your installation is perfectly stable. The reel tray cassette uses the same quick-release locking pins, making it quick and easy to remove at any time during your session. It is further enhanced by the unique frame design that allows the cassette to slide both forward and outward. back of the SeatBox frame. The spirit level is centrally located on the frame and is the ideal place to ensure that your setup is level, which is often overlooked but essential for comfort during a long session. All ABST units supplied come with our brand new "Mag Lok" locking clips. These revolutionary new locking clips feature a positive magnetic latch that opens and closes securely without the wear and tear associated with today's plastic latches. This ensures that our new "Mag Lok" locking clips will work safely and effectively, day after day.

Station Preston Absolute 36 Seatbox Blanc Edition
Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Brand : Preston
  • Manufacturer SKU : P0120002
  • Size : One size
  • Color : white
  • Color : White
  • Age group : Adult
  • Gender : Mixed
  • Assortment : N/A
  • Apparel type : N/A
  • Team : N/A