Reel 13 Fishing Concept A2 - 5.6:1 lh

Reel 13 Fishing Concept A2 - 5.6:1 lh
New generation of the Concept A2 5.6:1 lh fishing reel from 13 Fishing, with powerful Bulldog brake, BOSS H.A.M. brass control wheel and exclusive patented features 13 Fishing.
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Reel 13 Fishing Concept A2 - 5.6:1 lh

The Concept A Gen II is the ultimate fishing partner. Rock solid and even more powerful, this reel is impossible to leave at home. The new Bulldog Carbon drag system delivers an impressive 25lb / 11kg of power. Equipped with a Japanese Hamai Precision machined H.A.M. brass control wheel, it's a formidable weapon. The ultra low profile allows for a natural grip due to its manageable size and offers a 25% increase in line capacity. The Concept A Gen II shows intelligence in design with features such as its Railed Clutch Cam and Gen II Line Guide, plus its new frame shape allows for better water drainage. The Low-Friction braking system also gives anglers the ability to fine-tune the reel to be more relevant, regardless of lure weight. This reel is packed with unique and patented features 13 Fishing, such as the Arrowhead line guide, rapide Beetle Wing side access flange and KeepR integrated lure hooking device.
HD aluminum frame with Ocean Armor treatment 2 Anti-Electrolysis Screw Pads
BOSS H.A.M. Machined Brass Control Wheel Hardened Brass Precision Cut
Bulldog Brake System 25lb / 11kg
7 Ball Bearings (2 High Spin Corrosion Resistant, 4 Stainless Steel Bearings + 1 Anti-Return Dead Stop)
Arrowhead Thread Guide
Reinforced Clutch
Integrated Deck Hanger KeepR
Anodized Swing Pin Generation II (HA)
6 Position Brake System
Access Flange rapide Beetle Wing

Additional Information

Brand 13 Fishing
Manufacturer SKU A2-5.6-LH
Color black
Color Black
Size One size - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult